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All bikes fully assembled
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  • 30 lumen COB LEDs
  • Integrated GPS mounting
  • Tough nylon case
  • USB charging
  • 270° visibility

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High on visibility. Low on clutter
Stay safe and super visible on the streets with the easily-integrated Lumaray light. Powered by Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, the extremely bright, wrap-around LEDs provide 270° visibility, lighting up your more dangerous blind spots. The slim design fits seamlessly between your Garmin and its mount, cutting out the clutter and keeping your ride as streamlined as possible.

What’s really clever about the design is that it can be fitted to any Garmin computer mount, and a Garmin Edge can then be mounted on top of it.

Designed to be about the same size as a Garmin GPS, the Lumaray features the same quarter turn mount with the male side underneath, and the female side on top. That allows it to mount directly to your Garmin mount, then your Garmin mounts right on top of it. The Luminary adds a bit of to-be-seen light without taking up room on your bar.



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